‘YOUR REALITY IS BROKEN’: A Festival of Abstracted, Ritualised and Embodied Live ArT

Perception underpins our sense of reality it is fundamental to who we are and how we experience the world. This month of happenings, workshops, performances, live music and films will explore perception: altered states, visual illusions and hallucinations, dogmatic thinking, the politics of perception; and how it is linked to the creative act. What happens in that moment of suspension between perceived reality and action? What transactions take place between people. What symbolic acts? Is this the moment of trance action? A scientific, philosophical and creative approach to these questions will invite you on journey into your inner and outer experiences of the world.

In the happenings, rituals become gigs. Film screenings open out into practical work sessions. An art installation is both home and marketplace. Public science experiments become club nights.  A series of performance, live art and science workshops will offer the opportunity to explore questions of intimacy, the effects of symbolic action on physical reality and how to transform hallucinations into art. This Neurophenomenological approach will create a Temporary Autonomous Zone in Hackney - where extreme impulses, unacceptable identities and prohibited thoughts are permitted.

The festival will move from the ritualistic Opening Ceremony (2nd February) featuring Deep Throat Choir, ASMR experiments and Vogue DJing from Jay Jay Revlon; to the festival’s close: (25th February) ‘Higher, higher, higher’ - an ecstatic club where one song is performed for six hours by a band of intrepid experimental musicians - When the Going is Smooth and Good by Nigerian Electronic Synth pioneer William Onyeabor. Grounded in MAS productions practise in multi-disciplinary exploration, the work allows in extremes and contradictions of belief, high and low culture and thrives on a broad spectrum of sex, gender, race and politics. It is feverently non-dogmatic and autodidactic.

Participate or spectate. Be Scientist or Artist. Allow your perceptions to alter.

Artists/Scientists will include:

Deep Throat Choir (Bella Union), the 20 strong, all-female singing collective who have collaborated with the likes of Simian Mobile Disco and Matthew E White

Lady Vendredi, deemed ‘one of the most compelling performers out there’ (Upcoming) following a 15 date run of 2016’s The Passion of Lady Vendredi at Soho Theatre, will act as Master of Ceremonies for performance rituals

Dr Edward Bracey a sensory neuroscientist focused on trying to understand which neurons in our minds communicate with each other to create the model of the world we call reality, Edward has created public experiments at Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party festivals

Jay Jay Revlon father of the House of Tea, one of only two London-based Vogue houses that have formed in London, he has been featured in The Guardian, Fader, Mixmag and Paper, discussing the cultural importance of Vogue.

Ignacio Jarquin, a conductor and opera singer from Mexico City, he has collaborated with award winning classical composer Michael Finnissy and created operas including the Noh theatre inspired ‘The Return of Madame Butterfly’. 

SynaesthEAT A sensorial, ritualistic dining experience

Bedsit Boutiq Reframing universal survival tools in a performance art installation


Festival curated by MAS productions (Jonathan Grieve and Nwando Ebizie)

Supported by the Artsadmin Artists’ Bursary Scheme 2016-17 and Arts Council England

Guest Projects is an initiative created by Yinka Shonibare MBE. Alongside Regent’s Canal, Guest Projects at 1 Andrews Road E8 4QL, provides an alternative universe and playground for artists. It is a laboratory of ideas; a testing ground for new thoughts and actions.

Full Rundown:

Limited early bird and free tickets available)

Synaesth-EAT with Rafaela Miranda Rocha and chef Steve Wilson

'Gastro-performance' SynaesthEat is back in town as part of 'Your Reality is Broken'.

An intimate dining experience stimulating the senses in a delicate and intriguing way, SynaesthEat explores the ritualistic aspect of meals, which can be easily overlooked in our fast-paced, multi-tasking times. Eating on the go while we work and travel, grabbing a ready meal at the end of the day, socialising over a meal out - have we handed over responsibility for our nourishment to the global food industry with no questions asked? 

Rafaela Rocha is a Brazilian artist and journalist with an MA in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins (2013). Currently working as a child minder, she is interested in art as a tool for intimacy and self-awareness - a way to access emotional layers that might be guarded from casual everyday interactions. She has presented SynaesthEat in Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and London. More info: www.cargocollective.com/rafamrocha

Steve Wilson (BSc) is a chef, sociologist and entrepreneur with a fascination for flavour and sensory perception as well as the artistic, social, cultural, nutritional and environmental aspects of food.
Trained in France, Greece, Bristol and London, his previous experience includes Head Chef/ GM at The Russet in Hackney Downs Studios, community food surplus event The People's Kitchen (2010) and natural soft drinks company, The Dalston Cola Company (2011). Currently working as a freelance chef, cookery teacher and food designer, Steve is the director of Make Kit: an NHS backed social venture distributing healthy recipe packs to families in social housing to combat obesity and reduce health inequalities.

Houses of Decay- Fabiola santanta

is an interactive performance installation made from grief, loss and decay. 1 by 1 participants are invited to listen to an abandoned house as it weeps, contribute their own offerings and be part of this ephemeral community. The house becomes the site of a communal ritual for the artist, the local community and participants. Together we question how prepared are we to say our last goodbyes, and how each of us deal with it all. 

1 to 1 performance and there are ONLY 12 places. 
This sharing of Houses of Decay is a performance/research experiment on how to interweave the artists' autobiography, the voices from the community and the participants participation as an installation that can be later transferred into an abandoned house. 


Join us for a life drawing session led by the Drawing and Dancing society. 

.. Models might be Dancers, Performing Tableaux, Rehearsing musicians..

.. Drawing can be either a quiet and contemplative or a performance act..

The Drawing and Dancing Society is a Drawing together of Artists from a variety of fields with a strong relationship to drawing and a desire to explore, experiment and develop in a congenial atmosphere with materials and knowledgeable guidance and food and drink provided if required.

Donations for paper, pencils etc are advised.

slow motion music

Musical ideas need more time to take root in the consciousness and yet are somehow are incredibly immediate, creating immediate empathetic responses. This evening of slow motion music will be a purely acoustic, improvised voice led journey through authentic human emotion that can express itself beyond intellectual concepts, acting at a deeper level of communication. Led by Ignacio Jarquin

Bedsit boutique with wennifer

The ancient art of shopping, a Live Art experience 

A chance to reimagine the marketplace and how we trade, examining how and why we do it and how to make it more or less comfortable. 

A make shift home and boutique, showcasing first hand vintage ladies wear and goods from southern Portugal. Inciting playful transactions based on an exploration of exchange.

Hosted by a woman drowned in phobias, spending days alone creating elaborate noses for the inevitable date. She's coming out for this festival of perception and welcoming in the world, post our biggest consumerist fest, to feel our way through purchases, where price tags are always up for debate. Questioning how we can reframe universal survival tools, or as we more affectionately know it, shopping. When the honourable act of buying and selling becomes a defiled chore, exercise in gluttony or vice to fill an empty well, The Bedsit Boutiq demands justice for one of our most ancient professions and means to connect authentically with our immediate community.

Poetics of the Body Fabiola Santana

How do we relate, experience and respond to loss, decay and grief?
A WORKSHOP for intergenerational artists and non-artists who are interested in participating in discussions and using their bodies to explore the themes of memory, decay, loss and grief; intimate/immersive performance; and to look for new rituals to deal with death.

The movement tasks are inspired by Butoh and contemporary dance. Very simple movement work will allow each individual to make them as simple or complex as needed, the key is to connect the imagination and let it transform our bodies and movement. I am looking for sensitivity rather than extreme movement. Touch will be approached as a tool to uncover sensitivity and communication.

Group discussions will complement the bodily explorations and together we'll look at frailty, decay, carrying, holding and letting go - how does the body respond? How do we carry the memory of our dead? What is your favourite death fantasy? If dying was a job what kind of candidate would you be?

The themes of this workshop are the methodology Fabiola applies to her solo work, currently in development, entitled Houses of Decay which will be presented at the festival on 8th February

For more information about Fabiola's work see website here: http://finaciosantana.wixsite.com/dance-artist

VOGUE with jj revlon

This workshop will be a chance to experience real Ballroom culture with the overall father of international Kiki house of Tea and member of the house of revlon, Jay Jay Revlon. 

Vogue houses are apart of the Ballroom scene - a queer people of colour founded cultural art form involving dance and performance, created by some of the most marginalised groups of 70s New York out of sheer necessity to carve out a space to exist freely. He nurtures a group of young aspiring dancers in his Kiki house and has been featured in The Guardian, Fader, Mixmag and Paper, discussing the cultural importance of Vogue.

You will learn:
- Vogue Fem essentials (5 elements) from runway to dips
- A Full length choreography with the two styles of vogue Fem combined
- Werk on activities to develop your own performative skills and confidence
- Develop your own persona/style

creative neuro-phenomology

Research 1. 20 Minutes of Action Series

Science/Art Workshop - Dr Edward Bracey and Nwando Ebizie

This cross-disciplinary workshop will explore perceptual disorders through creative and scientific methods. Led by Nwando Ebizie (who has visual snow) and Dr Edward Bracey, a Sensory Neuroscientist, we invite people who have a range of perceptual disorders to share their experience of reality, and those who do not, to explore the idea that our models of reality are not uniform, but fascinatingly diverse.

Working in a varitety of media - from AV and virtual reality to life drawing and sound technology, we will create artistic versions of our perception, enabling one another to experience a different reality.

We are interested in making contact with anybody who experiences these visual disorders (Visual Snow, Palinopsia, Migraine Aura, Floaters) 


higher higher higher : An Ectastic Club Night 

An ecstatic transformation ritual. Six hours of the same song played by the house band: When the Going is Smooth and Good by 70s Electro synth pioneer William Onyeabor. A dance to destruction or a dance to transcendence. 
The performance draws on a range of historically dispersed attempts to extend and circulate simple musical structures, across the boundaries of high art and ritualistic, communal experience.
From Erik Satie’s Vexations (1893) and the deceptively shallow musical treatments of Ragnar Kjartansson to the Bumba Boi rituals of North East Brazil and the Coming of Age ceremonies of Nsu in Igboland. 
An absurdist experiment in durational performance which will feature performance art directed by Jonathan Grieve.
Featuring very Special Guests (more TBA):
Tanya AuclairWill LV Sam Mackay, British Intervention, Tom Richards, Yung-Yee Chen, Neil Luck (Squib Box), Saul Eisenberg, Dave Maric, Neil Ridley, Gabor Halsaz, Nwando Ebizie, Jonathan Grieve, Moss Beynon Juckes, Timovich Capov (Bastard Assignments)


the liberated voice 

Voice Workshop - Ignacio Jarquin

This workshop will unleash hidden, untapped, vocal potential regardless of the level of experience and turn it into a finely tuned instrument capable of artistic expression.

This workshop explores the question of how stimulating involuntary organic systems in the voice leads to precise perceptual images (visual, sound, tactile). This affects the anatomy of the vocal apparatus and leads to a liberated voice.

The process consists of a series of vocal exercises that stimulate reflexive vocal responses and  set body and mind of the singer in a balanced state of being: active and passive, doer and observer, singer and listener in the act of singing. The respiratory and digestive systems by nature antagonistic and exclusive in their functions, are called upon to collaborate in an extraordinary, uniquely human activity: singing.

By turning the body into a vibrating musical instrument, the parts set in motion are the underlying physical requisite for authentic human emotion that can express itself beyond intellectual concepts, acting at a deeper level of communication. This crossing of physical vibrations made possible by the interaction of two distinct branches of the vagus nerve in charge of antagonistic anatomical functions creates a tool that bridges over to emotional and spiritual communication to which humankind is particularly receptive.

esoterra: Neo Art Ritual with Moss Beynon Juckes

A 3 Day intensive corporeal visual art LAB on devising self empowered, group initiated contemporary rituals with original compositions and voice work facilitated by Moss Beynon Juckes

The three days will always begin with somatic experiments to open awareness, detach from habits and enter into an embodied trip engaging the body, mind, spirit into a change of state and to get the heart moving. We will use various exercises that combine breath, voice, movement, and contact from practices such as holotropic breath, birth preparation, psychomagic visualisations, and experimental theatre to prepare generosity through intimacy and trust.(endogenous practices)

The next stage will be more about devising ways of collecting information about each other. Assessing the primary issues, concerns desires and needs. We will be fantasising about the intrinsic relationship between the individual and the other. How can we play with our super powers of inter connection? What are the relevant questions to be asked?. How would we like to be assessed? How do we set up a self examination? Drawing from online questionnaires, latest methods in psychology, neuroscience, we will craft this process for the person in focus. (emotional labor) 

The final stage will be about devising an action for the other and testing it out. We will pool our resources together and will devise a format drawing from our individual practices and what we have experienced during the body work sessions, to allow an "art patient" to co-produce their own neo ritual for the millennium?, to tell other art healers what they want, and that the group devises the practical solution and abstracted interpretation of that together.  (esoterra practices) 


moss-workshop-evolove esoterra.jpg