LADA DIY 14: Creative Neuro-phenomenology at The South Bank Centre, London

An intimate and exposing journey into perception, learning and creativity. Challenge your perceptions through a week of sensory deprivation and sensory immersion. An invitation to artists of all disciplines, with and without perceptual disorders, to explore perception through extreme acts of sensory deprivation and immersion. This laboratory is in response to artists Jonathan Grieve and Nwando Ebizie's own gradual realisation of our perceptual conditions: Synaesthesia and Visual Snow.

We will systematically and deliberately reduce or remove stimuli for one or more of the senses at a time. Conversely, we will then systematically stimulate certain senses. This will include use of flotation tanks, an anechoic chamber and olfactory deprivation. There will be talks and discussions from outside experts to contextualise the experiences. We will also lead sessions on our own physical training, making no adaptations for our neuro-difference.

This will be a personal journey for each participant where you will be asked to reappraise your work and assumptions through a series of experimental sensory tasks; a chance to gain a sense of ownership and acceptance over your own way of seeing the world. Develop in new and unforeseen ways, creating a new lens on yourself as an artist.

Artists Jonathan Grieve and Nwando Ebizie will work alongside neuroscientists and academics including Dr Edward Bracey and Francesca Puledda to create a challenging week of perceptual confusion and artistic clarity.

20 MINUTES OF ACTION solo Installation by Nwando Ebizie

A visceral dance piece drawing on Afro diasporic ritual, feminist myth, neural architecture, enveloped in a 360 experimental electronic soundscore. Originally directed by Jonathan Grieve at The Wellcome Collection.

R&D1 presented MAS residency Guest Projects Feb 2017

First performances at The Wellcome Collection Dec 2017

Currently touring, Caustic Coastal & Brighton Festival 2019

You are inside, enmeshed in the web of an alternate reality. Partitions, screens and threads weave a labyrinth through the space. A throbbing backdrop of rhythmic sound and light permeates your skin; signalling its porosity and opening up the senses. You are confronted with a body. A body that wrestles with the music, vibrating with and against its pulses. A palpitating body, an organism reliving her history toward a future.

20 Minutes of Action is part of a 3 year research period for Ebizie in collaboration with neuroscientists, immersive technologists and artists. The environment is a multi-sensory maze-like experience, the installation incorporates 360 degree immersive sound, projection and holograms creating a visceral new world where reality warps and bends and the cross-modal nature of perception is revealed.

The internal and external landscapes of the performer are enveloped into each other and projected out into the space. We are immersed in Nwando Ebizie’s perceptual environment; interpreting her performative body and the landscape through each other. Caught in an intersubjective encounter, we map this environment onto both the lived experience of the performer and our own perception. Producing a constellation of perceptions that renders all sensual experience as distorted, subjective, fallible and, simultaneously, full of potential.

Houses of Decay performance is a project exploring: rituals of grief in public and private spaces, memory, the decaying body, the embodied memories of the ruins of houses, identity, and the felt meaning of home. Jonathan Grieve mentored and co-produced, as MAS productions, Fabiola Santana’s solo work presenting it as a one on one installation at Guest Projects in 2017.

Currently in development as part of Lancaster Art's 2019 Spring season Pathways - funded by a Diverse Actions Commission (Live Art UK/Lancaster Arts). Performances coming in May2019 - more info here.