Friday Late Spectacular @ Wellcome Collection

M.A.S Presents Your Reality is Broken

Friday 1 December, 19.00-23.00

Free | Book ticketed events from 24 Nov

Highlights include:

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Performance & Installation
20 Minutes of Action
19.30-19.50, 20.30-20.50 | Ticketed
21.00-22.45 – Installation open | Drop In

A visceral performance-installation.

What does '20 Minutes of Action' mean when experienced by a survivor of trauma who relives the original action both psychologically and via everlasting images due to a rare neurological condition.

Inspired by psycho-dramatic retellings of European and African folk tales and rituals and featuring an analogue electronic score, this performance draws on the artist's research into perceptual disorders and dance research through the meeting points of Haitian Vodou, Vogue and Ballet.



MAS Opening Ceremony: Crossmodal Cacao Ritual

19.00 - 19.10  | Drop in
Experience the opening of Your Reality is Broken with a ritual sharing of the complex flavours of Cacao heightened through the symphonic layers of a free vocal composition inspired by the works of 12th century nun Hildegard von Bingen. A crossmodal experience led by Mexican Opera singer Ignacio Jarquin to delight the audial and gustation systems.  


Reverse your Taste – Flavour Tripping Salon
Drop In
Enter the atrium to access the intricacies of your taste buds. Experience a gustatory salon experience where unexpected taste sensations occur.



Roaming Researchers

19.00– - 23.00 | DROP IN

As you look around the exhibitions, meet psychologists, neuroscientists and other scientists who study how we perceive the world. Use VR to see how others might see the world, listen to the nerves in your muscles and try out illusions to fool your eyes.



How flexible are we with what we believe, how forgiving are we to those who believe something contrary? MAMATRIX traverses the building, testing your cognitive bias with an unusual card game.


@Reading Room

Intimacy through crossmodal connections - the live ASMR experience

19.30–22.30 | Drop in

22.30-23.00  | Closing Ceremony

Relax in the hush of the Reading Room whilst exploring Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response in a durational, intimate performance experience. Storytelling, touch and movement provide a journey into the psyche to find out if you experience ASMR - a relaxing, tingling sensation across the scalp and spine in response to particular triggers.

Wellcome Caf

Food & drink
19.00–23.00 | Drop in
Drop in for a cocktail and a selection of light snacks.




Ticket links

  • A talk by scientist Dr. Edward Bracey joining the dots between the neuroscience and politics of perception.

  • A performance, installation and exploration of visual disturbances called 20 Minutes of Action by Nwando Ebizie.

  • A Haitian Vodou Dance Workshop and live drumming led by Zsuzsa Parrag exploring basic ritual steps that can create feelings of altered states of perception

All auditorium talks will be British Sign Language interpreted.

Event curated by MAS Productions. With thanks to Emily Wiles, Abbie Doran and Wellcome Collection staff.




Haitian Vodou Ritual Dance Workshop
A rare chance to experience this beautiful, ecstatic, intense Caribbean dance form. Join Vodou dance teacher and practitioner Zsuzsa Parrag to learn some of the basic ritual steps that can create feelings of altered states of perception. With Live drumming by Randy Lester.


@Medicine Man

Enter the Floral Brain

19.30 – 22.10 | Drop In

Performance artist and mystic Jennefer Wennefer enters the mysterious world of olfaction and its instantaneous connection to memory and long term mental health. Responding to the objects in the gallery this provocative piece welcomes you into a hypnotic head space where it’s possible to reverse the ageing process, re-write memories and tap into previously unknown potentials, all in a sniff! Because the nose knows best...


Are Our Brains Broken?: Cognitive bias and the neurodiverse spectrum
19.30–20.10 | Ticketed
* Ticketed in advance
A lecture and interactive demonstration by Dr Edward Bracey, demonstrating that the senses we trust unthinkingly every day can be tricked and manipulated. In using the senses to create a model of the environment, the brain has to make shortcuts and simplifications leading to cognitive biases. Experience how our brains simplify reality, putting us all on a spectrum of neurodiversity.

Illuminating Visions
20.30–21.10 | Ticketed
* Ticketed in advance

Throughout history, spirituality has been used to interpret perceptual differences that science could not explain. Beginning with Hildegard von Bingen – a 12th -century nun, composer, proto-scientist and mystic - science communicator Rachel Williams will discuss visions, ecstatic experiences, trance states and the neurological disorders that can cause them.

The Politics of Perception: Winning the Battle in a Post Truth Society
21.30–22.10 | Ticketed
* Ticketed in advance

Surveying the current socio-political landscape including the Brexit vote, the rise of Donald Trump and the rejection of climate science, Guardian columnist Matthew d’Ancona discusses the Post-Truth era we find ourselves in.


Visual Disturbances
19.00 - 23.00 | Drop In
Join Neuroscientist Francesca Puledda for an Augmented Reality aided conversation on the rare neurological syndrome, Visual Snow, which causes people to experience reality overlaid with ‘tv static’, halos, auras as well as non-visual symptoms including tinnitus.

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Draw Your Reality
19.00 - 22.30 | Drop In

Do you see what I see? Artists Lucy F Thane and Elinor Ward invite you to draw your reality and the reality of others.

19.00–23.00 | Drop in
Have a drink at our pop-up bar.

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