Research 1. 20 Minutes of Action Series

Science/Art Workshop - Dr Edward Bracey and Nwando Ebizie

4pm - 8pm


This cross-disciplinary workshop will explore perceptual disorders through creative and scientific methods. Led by Nwando Ebizie (who has visual snow) and Dr Edward Bracey, a Sensory Neuroscientist, we invite people who have a range of perceptual disorders to share their experience of reality, and those who do not, to explore the idea that our models of reality are not uniform, but fascinatingly diverse.

Working in a varitety of media - from AV and virtual reality to life drawing and sound technology, we will create artistic versions of our perception, enabling one another to experience a different reality.

We are interested in making contact with anybody who experiences these visual disorders (Visual Snow, Palinopsia, Migraine Aura, Floaters) - please contact us at

This is free but booking is essential: To book tickets email Nwando :