Free entry, item cost available on request

The ancient art of shopping, a Live Art experience

A chance to reimagine the marketplace and how we trade, examining how and why we do it and how to make it more or less comfortable.

A make shift home and boutique, showcasing first hand vintage ladies wear and goods from southern Portugal. Inciting playful transactions based on an exploration of exchange.

Hosted by a woman drowned in phobias, spending days alone creating elaborate noses for the inevitable date. She's coming out for this festival of perception and welcoming in the world, post our biggest consumerist fest, to feel our way through purchases, where price tags are always up for debate. Questioning how we can reframe universal survival tools, or as we more affectionately know it, shopping. When the honourable act of buying and selling becomes a defiled chore, exercise in gluttony or vice to fill an empty well, The Bedsit Boutiq demands justice for one of our most ancient professions and means to connect authentically with our immediate community.