Voice Workshop - Ignacio Jarquin

Book a place: http://liberatedvoice.brownpapertickets.com

Concs £90, Early Bird £120, General £150

Friday - 5pm - 9pm

Saturday - 10am - 5pm

Sunday - 10am - 5pm (including workshop sharing agreed with participants)

This workshop will unleash hidden, untapped, vocal potential regardless of the level of experience and turn it into a finely tuned instrument capable of artistic expression.

This workshop explores the question of how stimulating involuntary organic systems in the voice leads to precise perceptual images (visual, sound, tactile). This affects the anatomy of the vocal apparatus and leads to a liberated voice.

This work builds on the natural sounds that the human phonatory system can produce due to its unbelievable flexibility and range such as shouting, squeaking, hooting and many other percussive possibilities to create an instrument capable of artistic expression.

The process consists of a series of vocal exercises that stimulate reflexive vocal responses and  set body and mind of the singer in a balanced state of being: active and passive, doer and observer, singer and listener in the act of singing. The respiratory and digestive systems by nature antagonistic and exclusive in their functions, are called upon to collaborate in an extraordinary, uniquely human activity: singing.

By turning the body into a vibrating musical instrument, the parts set in motion are the underlying physical requisite for authentic human emotion that can express itself beyond intellectual concepts, acting at a deeper level of communication. This crossing of physical vibrations made possible by the interaction of two distinct branches of the vagus nerve in charge of antagonistic anatomical functions creates a tool that bridges over to emotional and spiritual communication to which humankind is particularly receptive.