Imagine an experience - turbulent yet seductive. Surrounded by sound and bathed in love...

Cult music icon Lady Vendredi is a mythopoetic super heroine and vodou priestess popstar from another dimension. With an international cast and her band The Vendettas, join her on a time travelling uninhibited mythic journey and quest for revenge.

This viciously beautiful and exuberant immersive music theatre production lets you gaze into the open wound of the world, where a live original soundtrack of pulsating synthetic rhythms and dirty bass drive the tensions between freedom and control, personal gods and demons, censorship and intimacy.

Leave your ideologies at the door and enter an all- encompassing and experiential world of palpable sensuality, staggering insight and intriguing myth-making.

Featuring tracks from the new Lady Vendredi EP, which received support from Gilles Peterson (BBC 6 Music) '‘Fresh, raw and totally unique ’and Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music).


★★★★★ Gloriously out-there cabaret-meets-gig-meets-theatre-experience

Time Out


‘Provocative, occasionally even offensive, but never unimaginative… Do consider a trip to Planet Vendredi.’

★★★★ LondonTheatre1


‘What appeared to be a wild ride down the rabbit hole of unconventionalism , challenging perception, sexuality and normality, the flamboyant play even forced critics to unravel their typical train of thoughts on reviews, as many couldn’t place the performance in one specific category. The cult-like visuals if anything, depicted Lady Vendredi in full-on optimal status, spreading her creative wings as far as she could to soar.’



Lady Vendredi is an artist who will always keep fans and critics wondering what her next move will be, but like previous icons such as Grace Jones or even a Madonna, this is a part of the brilliance that comes with any perceived weirdness.



If Nwando Ebizie appears to be unlike any other artist out here today, it’s because she’s not. The musician, producer, dancer, DJ and performance artist is more like a renaissance woman whose experimental presentations have dazzled audiences not only in theatres but have also captured the ears of tastemakers like Gilles Peterson.



‘Lady Vendredi is surely one of the most compelling stage performers out there, with a rich, worldly repertoire that means whatever she does next will surely be fascinating.’



"Forget everything you know about what a performance ‘should’ look like, or sound like, or even feel like. Leave your preconceptions about music theatre at the door. Because you are about to enter Lady Vendredi’s futuristic, bizarre, psychedelic and sexy mystical world creatively directed by visionary Jonathan Grieve."

A Younger Theatre


Overall the show is a wonderful mix of a fresh concept, brave show and outstanding performers. And don’t even let me start on those vocals – pure fierce. The whole show is a non-stop hyper-energetic journey; it makes you think the whole cast must be aliens with a secret source of never-ending power.

There is only so much I can ruin for you – just go, go and go, and get ready to be blown away by hypnotic voodoo and an amazing rhythm that will stay with you for the days to follow.

A Younger Theatre

‘The love child of Azealia Banks and Neneh Cherry.’
Artsy Magazine

‘Courageous, funny, exciting and relentless.’
Both Sides Now Magazine

‘Fresh, raw and totally unique.’
Gilles Peterson

‘An explosive return from a unique artist.’

‘Lady Vendredi is more than artist, she is a ‘movement of force.’
Blues and Soul 

‘…great music, a truly innovative fusion; a fabulous team of supporting performers and musicians; a way of using the vodou material that works outside of its religious/ritual origins; and the praiseworthy intention of finding interesting, humorous and courageous ways to explore questions of race, gender and cultural identity. Most of all, what’s here is the passion. Everything’s ripe for the taking – go get, Lady Vendredi.’
Total Theatre