MAS creates music performance, live art and events that are ritualistic and participatory

MAS is about generating a structured and free artistic working method for artists and communities

MAS uses art, magic, chaos and evolutionary theory to challenge power structures that are based on dictatorial or negotiated visions

MAS challenges the classical vision of the artist and organisation as a dictator of results and the idea of art as a negotiated democratic process

MAS believes that artistic creation can be like the evolutionary process where there is no leader and there is no blueprint. The embryo of a human is not a tiny human it is an ‘undifferentiated whole’ that grows progressively.

Photo by Dimitri Duric

We want to know how people can provoke instant evolution in themselves and change themselves quickly?

We want to create ways for individuals and communities be free agents in moulding the final products of their work while simultaneously developing their skills, abilities and futures?

We want to know what the evolutionary purposes of creativity, mental health issues, addiction, poverty and homelessness are?

We hypothesise that digital/algorithms and parameters can be applied to organic/analogue artistic work to speed up the ‘evolutionary process’?  

We believe in following a dynamic and constantly evolving process that gives agency and opportunity to artists, participants and communities. Empowering people to invest in themselves their work and to create things that could not have been imagined in advance

MAS is a platform for diverse artists to clash, infect each other, learn from each other, create with and against each other, and a space dangerous enough to take risks and get out of the individual comfort zone.

Our attention is on people who want to change themselves rapidly and be part of the world.

  • People with wide, diverse and conflicting histories and visions

  • People in recovery from alcohol and substance addiction

  • People who experience mental health issues

  • People who experience or have experienced homelessness and poverty

  • People with a neuro-diverse life experience

MAS believes in taking care of our own mental and physical health

MAS pays artists who work with us; this doesn’t exclude exchanges, barters, internships or voluntary work

MAS believes in humility, loyalty & trust: intimacy, respect and privacy

MAS explores the tension between the individual and the community

MAS believes that abstraction is the key to experiencing reality directly

MAS prioritises experience, expertise, ambition, willingness and desire over egotism, narcissism and dogmatism

MAS respects an individual’s process when an individual is considerate of the effect their behaviour can have on a group

MAS believes in self-organisation, self-governance and self-determination

MAS believes in allowing free expression and freedom of association while creating a space for consideration & sensitivity, conflict & argument

MAS respects the right for people to leave