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20 Minutes of Action

@ Wellcome Collection Friday 1 December, 19.00-23.00 Free Book ticketed events from 24 Nov


A visceral performance-installation asking what '20 Minutes of Action' means when experienced by a survivor of trauma who relives and relives the original action both psychologically and via a rare neurological condition that means she sees everlasting images. Inspired by psycho-dramatic retellings of European and African folktales and rituals and featuring an analogue electronic score, this performance draws on the artist's research into perceptual disorders and dance research through the meeting points of Haitian Vodou, Vogue and Ballet.

“If Nwando Ebizie appears to be unlike any other artist out here today, it’s because she’s not. The musician, producer, dancer, DJ and performance artist is more like a renaissance woman whose experimental presentations have dazzled audiences not only in theatres but have also captured the ears of tastemakers like Gilles Peterson.”


This piece was created after Nwando Ebizie discovered she had a rare neurological condition called 'Visual Snow' which means she sees halos, afterimages and Seurat-like pointillism dots all the time.

Supported by Arts Admin, Arts Council Englad, PRSF