8th March 7.30pm - 10pm

Toynbee Studios

Neurodiversity, Afro Futurism and Super powered creativity.


In 2015, on the cusp of emotional collapse, Nwando Ebizie discovered she had a rare neurological disorder - Visual Snow. Since then she has been on a mission to explore the neuroscience of perception, collaborating with both neuroscientists and artists on the idea that all our realities are broken.

She would like to invite you to join her in an evening, where for one night we will suggest, nay declaim that our weird perceptual distortions are, in fact, a superpower.


The night will contain:

Experiments in sensory deprivation and immersion!

An insight into her origin story!

The demons she has battled!

Her parallel dimension selves!


Conversations with:

Super brain scientist Dr Edward Bracey

The amazing man who sees sound and time in 3D space - Jonathan Grieve.

An insight into her superpowered friends who for years buried their latent superpowers in webs of adaptations and coping mechanisms.

How to develop your superpowers!